Life Long Learning Through Enterprise: The Business of Making With Wood

Currently Old Skills New Ways is made possible through grant funding. We wanted to see if it was possible to sustain the project through enterprise activity.

We believe the real life experience of making things to sell offers learning that is relevant, engaging and contextualised for young people.

We are therefore developing programmes with schools that encourage and support young people to discover and develop their enterprise & entrepreneurial skills.

We offer a range of enterprise activities in our work with schools, which develop the following core skills: numeracy, literacy, communication, working with others, problem solving, leadership skills & thinking skills.

“I used to be scared of using dangerous tools but now I feel confident.”
Summer, age 11


School Commissions

Students applied the woodcraft skills developed over the course of the programme to produce furniture for their school including stools and benches.

Home Commissions

Students being commissioned by parents to make things for the home. Spatula’s, coat hooks, peg rails, stools, garden benches etc.

Market Stalls

Students have responsibility for running pop up stalls at craft fairs and seasonal markets. Acting as traders, pricing products, designing the advertising and interacting with customers.

Work with my schoolCommission us

Woodcraft Studio

Using secondary school workshops to deliver student led wood based enterprise activity.

OSNW offers a progression programme for primary and secondary students learning alongside early career and master craftspeople to develop a woodcraft enterprise model for schools.

Using schools’ workshop facilities to develop woodcraft enterprises that  are driven and run by pupils with support from us and teachers. Using the profits to sustain OSNW’s continued work with schools and to address a social or environmental purpose.

Learning through Enterprise develops the capacity for students to generate and demonstrate how ideas are developed into innovative products and services. This involves a mix of business & market awareness, professional skills development and mindset development around personal values, motivation, risk-tolerance and opportunity assessment.

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October 2, 2020

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