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May 2, 2020

Lockdown World Premiere: Old Skills New Ways - The Movie

As we await the lifting of lock down a chance to experience our exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

In response to lockdown happening around us as we were completing the Old Skills New Ways exhibition install at Devon Guild of Craftsmen we decided to make a film to try and capture the work of the project and to give a feel of the exhibition.

Shot on the last day before lockdown, originally to give folks a sense of what we had created, until the gallery reopens. But this quickly changed to a need to document the exhibition in case it never gets the chance to see the light of day with a live audience!

Making the film created a new relationship with the Guilds’ Exhibition Manager and Head of Learning and we are collaborating on a package of 'Learning by Doing' activities for children to take part in, both at school and at home with their families, based on the themes of the Exhibition, as a response to the closure of schools and sudden shift to home based learning.

We have created a series of weekly activities based on the project which we will be rolling out on Saturday's over May and June.

Starting on the 9th May, check out our website for details

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