Hedge-UK-ting is a fun-filled conservation initiative which invites communities to take the lead in their local area. Across Devon, we are helping people to create positive change by giving them the tools to plant, protect and revitalise our historic hedgerows. 

By working alongside highly skilled traditional practitioners, you will learn about the brilliance of our British hedgerows, and the important role they have to play in our natural biosphere.  

Our fun and inspiring community conservation days get children and adults of all ages working together to increase local tree coverage, protect wildlife and come together to care for our rural places. 

Hedge-UK-ting is not only great for wildlife, it’s wonderful for people too! By spending time looking after the natural world, we tap into the 5 ways to wellbeing:

  • Keeping Active through planting and making sessions
  • Connecting to nature and to each other
  • Giving back to the community
  • Taking Notice of the world around us
  • Keep Learning new creative and practical skills

Hedge-UK-ting is for everyone, from schools and youth groups to community organisations. We’ve made our programme as inclusive as possible by making sure it can be adapted to meet the needs of everyone. 

Here are just some of the things Hedge-UK-ting offers:

  • Learning about traditional tools and techniques 
  • Creating and preserving habitats
  • Boosting bird, butterfly and honeybee populations
  • Learning how to sustainably manage local hedgerows
  • Increasing Biodiversity through climate change action
  • Monitoring and tracking the growth of hedges
  • Making and marketing wooden products 
  • Planting, growing and coppicing trees 

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