Making, planting, connecting - to protect nature and nurture young people’s creativity

Bringing wellbeing, enterprise, making, nature connection and afforestation to life in the curriculum. 

Old Skills New Ways was started to address the dramatic loss of making in schools and as a way to get children out of the classroom and connected with nature. It’s a project for children of all abilities to experience the joy of seasonal making in the woods with local craftspersons.

Since 2018 it’s grown into a partnership with woodland owners and local schools to develop young people's practical skills, nurture nature connection, foster wellbeing and promote climate change action through programmes of tree planting in the local community.

“We have seen first-hand the incredibly positive impact that Old Skills New Ways has had on young people, in terms of improving their confidence, mental health, self-esteem and how they view themselves as learners.”
Hilary Priest - Head teacher, The Grove School, Totnes
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Lockdown World Premiere: Old Skills New Ways - The Movie

As we await the lifting of lock down a chance to experience our exhibition at Devon Guild of Craftsmen.
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Learning By Doing:
May –  July 2020

For the next  7 weeks we invite you to join us in Learning by Doing.  A series of activities for children and adults, in school and at home to explore Old Skills New Ways passion for Being with Trees and Making with Wood. 

Asking questions and offering resources to help explore and develop your relationship with making. 

Let us know what you think of this invitation and the others we’ll be sharing. We'd love to know how this inspires your making. You can either email us or share with us on social media - making sure to tag us and use #oldskillsnewways. 

May 24, 2020

Learning by doing creates knowledge and is fun.

What can we learn from each other? Can you teach someone a skill?....And then ask that they in turn teach you something?

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