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Flourish Schools is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the natural world in a natural way. Now, more than ever, research is recognising the positive impact that spending time in nature can have on children’s wellbeing. We help teachers to foreground the relationship between being well and doing well by taking the learning back into the landscape.

Our year round programmes can be tailored to children of all key stages. The learning journey is designed to nurture children’s understanding of natural habitats and processes, whilst also enriching their cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional skills. Throughout the year, classes make 4 seasonal visits to our woodcraft camp on Dartmoor. Here, they will spend time exploring the woodland and participating in a series of woodcraft workshops led by professional craftspeople. 

Our cross-curricular workshops use the lens of the natural world to inspire children’s curiosity for science, art & design, history, geography, and technology. The woodland classroom provides a multi-sensory environment which reduces stress, stimulates creativity and helps build confidence and self-esteem.

What does the woodland have in store? 

Through a mixture of solo and collaborative activities, children will experience how the natural world works and how it makes us feel. It’s a great way to help children develop core social skills and build receptive and expressive language in a calm environment.

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Woodland workshops include:

  • Exploring natural materials and using hand tools to make traditional woodcrafts 
  • Discovering the natural processes of trees and plant-life 
  • Working as a team to create woodcraft products 
  • Understanding woodland management and nature conservation methods
  • Learning about biodiversity, and habitats 
  • Mindfulness in nature activities
  • Working together to plan a tree-planting programme with your local community

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