Tree Based Community Climate Action

In November and December 2019 we worked with primary school students to plant 700 Trees in two woodlands in Devon.

We are continuing to work with schools to integrate the annual tree cycle into the school curriculum so that each class can take an active role across the school year each year, all within an integrated tree plan for their town.

Activities include seed gathering, transplanting seedlings, creating a tree nursery, planting, tree care, coppicing and making with wood. Across the school year each year, all within an integrated tree plan for their town.

We support local woodland owners to engage with schools and the local community to implement their ambitions for tree planting.

We have plans:
An invitation to help Afforest Devon

We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to plant trees so we have created an open invitation to children, parents, teachers, land owners and local authorities to pick up and run with our approach to community carbon capture.

Students take the lead in mapping trees and potential tree sites in their community in spring and the Year 4 class will plant the identified sites over the following winter.

Each year, Year 4 students will plant the trees and annually
Year 4 will visit the sites, replace any trees that may have died (normally 20%) and undertake tree care of those planted trees. For the next 5 years each Year 4 class will then have this role on an ongoing basis, with residents invited to take part.

The ambition is that across both primary schools each class will have an allocated role related to the annual tree cycle. So that students take an active role in planting and caring for new trees in their communities as part of delivering local carbon neutral targets.

WORK WITH MY SCHOOLI can offer land
“Trees are a lot more important than I thought to this world.”
May, Age 11
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