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Become an outdoor learning pioneer with our series of teachers resources. You'll find a variety of instructional videos, complete with downloadable resource packs to help in your classes. Enjoy!


Making a Wooden Tree with Sean Hellman

Woodright Sean Hellman shows us how to make a wooden tree.

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Making a Rush & Willow Tree with Linda Lemieux

Basketmaker Linda Lemieux shows how to make a tree from rush and willow.

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Rush Cordage Friendship Bracelet with Linda Lemieux

For our very first project we have teamed up with rush and willow basket-maker Linda Lemieux. With this project she's going to take us through how to 'ply' rush cordage with which we can make a friendship bracelet or toggle.

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Introduction to Bulrush with Linda Lemieux

Basket maker Linda Lemieux introduces us to dried Bulrush as a material for making and explains where to find it in nature.

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Introduction to Rush & Willow with Linda Lemieux

Basketmaker Linda Lemieux introduces Rush and Willow. Where it grows, how to harvest and how to prepare the materials for working with them.

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Rush & Willow Fish with Linda Lemieux

Basket Maker Linda Lemieux shows how to make a wonderful fish from rush and willow.

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Rush & Willow Safety with Linda Lemieux

Basketmaker Linda Lemieux explains risk assessment and tool safety when working with rush and willow projects.

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Experiencing stillness

Experiencing stillness in the woods and silently walking to observe our surroundings can set up a calm and focussed start to a day of making.

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Being in your outdoor learning space has made me be more mindful that the children can learn so much if we just give them time to be creative, to come back to a task and to continue on all day if they require!
Female Teacher
I thought it was a really well run day. It combined both teaching practices and ideas and the instructional element of the making. It made us realise that it is possible to get hands on with tools during sessions and get the pupils involved in making.
Male Teacher
Coming together as an early years team helped us develop as a team and made us reflect on our own practices in our outdoor spaces, and how we use this to support the children’s learning.
Female Teacher
I have learnt techniques and safety tips to use tools. I will also apply the grounding activities to my teaching practice.
Female Teacher
I feel like I learnt to be more creative again and how the activities we participated in supported this creativity, and I would love to use this with the children.
Female Teacher

Our Philosophy

Exploring creativity through outdoor learning.

We are working to support students and teachers to strengthen their connection to the natural world, to build their confidence and independence with practical, manual skills and to gain a deeper understanding of how nature can positively influence their own well-being and mental health.

Woodcraft workshops for teachers

Helping you to develop your schools vision for outdoor learning.

We offer workshops for teachers to engage with the creative making experience - in the woods! Aimed at teachers with a focus on building a school vision across outdoor learning, teacher professional development and mental health and well-being. We can tailor a programme of CPD workshops to meet the needs of your school, your teachers and your students.

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