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We are proud to launch our brand new resources 'For Teachers' page. Here you'll find a variety of videos, articles and downloadable resources to help you in your classes. Explore our resources and learn how you can become an outdoor learning pioneer. Get in touch and give us your feedback as we build this very special resource for you.

Featured project

Rush Cordage Friendship Bracelet with Linda Lemieux

For our very first project we have teamed up with rush and willow basket-maker Linda Lemieux. With this project she's going to take us through how to 'ply' rush cordage with which we can make a friendship bracelet or toggle.

nature connection

Experiencing stillness

Students, Teachers and Parent participants alongside Rajni Patel from Old Skills New Ways outline how each day begins in the woods on an Old Skills New Ways making week. We hear how experiencing the stillness in the woods and silently walking to observe our surroundings can set up a calm and focussed start to a day of making. We also hear how these practices can be translated out of the woods and into our daily lives.

Our Philosophy

Exploring creativity through outdoor learning

We are working to support students  and teachers to strengthen their connection to the natural world, to build their confidence and independence with practical, manual skills and to gain a deeper understanding of how nature can positively influence their own well-being and mental health.

Woodcraft workshops
for teachers

Developing your schools vision for outdoor learning.

Get in touch

We offer workshops for teachers to engage with a creative making experience - in the woods! The workshop is aimed at all primary teachers and secondary school specialist DT teachers with a focus on building a school vision across outdoor learning, teacher professional development and mental health and well-being. OSNW can tailor bespoke CPD workshop programmes to the needs of your school. Get in touch with us to explore how we can work with your school.

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