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April 26, 2020

An invitation to notice 4: TOUCH

The last in our series of 4 invitations to stop, take a breath and connect with nature.

As part of your daily exercise or from your window or front door. We invite you to take a breath, close your eyes and enjoy a moment or two of silence with nature.

If you have a garden or are able to go out. Go to the first plant, bush or tree you see.

Close your eyes, take a breath and with your eyes still closed, slowly, feel over and along the plant, bush or tree ..the stem..the leaves

What do you notice?...where is it rough/smooth, sharp, soft, bristly, how many textures can you notice.

If you are unable to go out or do not have a garden. You can try the same approach using a houseplant or flowers.

Where is the softest part of the plant or flower?

How do the various parts connect to each other?

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