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May 9, 2020

Traditional craft skills help us to understand who are we are and where have we come from.

Traditional craft skills are an invisible thread to our ancestors. Traditional skills provide a link to our roots, they are part of our shared heritage.

What traditions of making are there in your extended family? Do those traditions continue? How resilient have they proved in the face of globalisation?

What skills did your ancestors have? Where did they come from?

What types of crafts come from that place?


What skills do you have? What tools do you own?

What do you think the most useful skills are?


What skills would you like to take time to develop?

Who could teach you those skills and what tools would you need?


What type of trees found in Britain are ‘hard wood’ and what type are ‘soft wood’?

What skills are required for greenwood working ?

What would you make?



Devon RuralSkills Trust

Heritage CraftAssociation

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